Significant role of the Sports Hat - Visualize Inclusion through the eyes of our Indigenous...

Finalizing a conference call with our Colombia based benefits distribution manager Ing. Eduardo Garcia, - I realized yesterday, that during the 1 hour concept implementation & regulatory aspects discussion, - the newly fabricated Sports Hat printed in our NGOs name seems to be the centric burning point, & most important item of discussion from the view point of our Indigenous beneficiaries. Sleepless & puzzled, I started to recognize that in order to achieve our goals, we do have to put ourselves into the shoes of our Indigenous counterparts a little more & start thinking basic / essential.

Looking again over the pictures received during same conference, I realized how strong the believe, resolve, trust, pride & honor of our Indigenous beneficiaries really is. The simple sports hat has become a vital sign of power, capability of implementation & real inclusion.

Thank You, Ing. Eduardo Garcia

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