White label Prepaid Card program - the next step

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Quayambaya is at present in application process to obtain a BIN license sponsorship from an European financial institution, - enabling us to issue our own Quayambaya branded prepaid / stored value Visa / Mastercard virtual & plastic Card.

Loyalty points & cash-back rewards from arising card transaction will be contributed automatically through the cards iOS / Android DIGITAL WALLET toward the sustainable development cause identified.

FX & Peer2Peer Payments:

Direct foreign exchange / conversion operations through a 3rd. party service provider API integration as well as instant peer2peer transaction will be included in the card programs features. Our target cardholder segment includes in the first phase European & Asian younger generations & middle class families. 

Further specifications will follow

#Prepaid white label card program

#Digital Wallet

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