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4 wd jungle
4 wd jungle

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QuayaNET - the GRID

Direct Impact action stipulates teams on the ground in the designated impact zones 24 / 7, backed by a support & operations grid capable of providing distribution & service operations in extreme rural terrain. QuayaNET operates its own field mission / operation teams consisting of hired professional staff & international volunteers. Having a modular & scalable implementation approach, the BNHE Concept can be duplicated & expanded step by step with almost no limits toward the inclusion of vast rain forest impact zones. 

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A PCN satellite grid with a direct data transmission link to the European IT Gateway / HUB of QuayaNET secures all voice & data communications between field operations & the processing hub.

Communications & IT

based in Europe

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Modular camp containers in addition to local infrastructure form the field camps, including a mobile emergency aid, tree nursing support & technical equipment unit. 

Infrastructure Management

based in Peru / Colombia

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Logistics are handled with twin-prop aircraft, 4WD trucks & indigenous sponsored outboard powered river boats. Refrigerated field containers secure fragile goods such as medicine & ampuls.

Logistics & SCM

based in Europe / Colombia


Each BNHE field-operations team on the ground in designated impact zones consist of the following mission members:

1 Doctor (licensed, national / foreign 

1 Coordinator, national / licensed medical aid / education 

1 Driver / Operator / Security, national

1 Forestry Engineer, national / foreign


Each standard BNHE onboarding mission calculates 72 h / 3 days. 

bnhe distribution

Data Protection & Cyber Security Compliance

QuayaNET / BNHE are operating biometric onboarding, data transfer, processing & management under strict national & international data protection & handling regulations. In the case of Colombia, the fintech ecosystem is compliant under & with the data protection act. Biometric data transfer, processing & storage further underlies strict international data laws.

IPS Medical Service Providers License integrated

Medical examination, emergency treatment & patient vaccinations in the field require for Quayambaya / BNHE & its Colombian BNHE distribution entity FUINSSA Colombia, Limited to be integrated with & assigned to an IFP Medical Service Provider, licensed by the Colombian Ministry of Health.

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