Let's agree on 1 unified value standard for ALL data feeder' s involved 
BNHE Token - One4All Standard
Biometric beneficiary, benefits distribution, reforestation, rainforest conservation standard & sponsor contribution data, - each of them with independent financial value --- unified in the QUAYAMBAYA ecosystem into One4All value calculation standard for clear oversight & transparency.
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..make a huge difference...

The wellbeing, action & progress of each biometric onboarded beneficiary is captured & measured in a BNHE Digital Token, - an unique & secure information & values processing tool designed especially for the Quayambaya / BNHE Concept. Establishing an unified & clear accounting / settlement structure, BNHE Credits are implemented as settlement value, facilitating internal payments & value measurement within the ecosystem' s processing platform.


Biometric onboarded indigenous beneficiaries have an auditable DIGITAL VALUE, based on & matched against international financial standards. 

270 new Beneficiaries monthly, planting each every month10 TREES, amounting to 210,600 TREES planted in 1 year, & having at least 3,240  beneficiaries biometric onboarded in same period, with established & certified 416,600 VCU carbon credits issued, 1,500 children enrolled with basic education, health & nutrition supplement benefits - operating 2 base camps  in 
2 Impact Zones in Colombia / Brazil & Peru


1 BNHE TOKEN represents 1 biometric onboarded Indigenous  BENEFICIARY for LIFETIME,- reflecting activity & general conditions of same beneficiary, - growing in value with the exchange of activity driven BNHE Credits   against LOYALTY POINTS arising from online transactions of the Token Holders.

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1 Tokens / Biometric Onboarding Set

Enables the biometric onboarding of 1 beneficiary with basic nutrition, health & education benefits.


166.50 EUR

1 BNHE Token
Different Payloads
Unified Financial Value

Quick Facts & Figures

1 BNHE Credit = 3.50 EUR fixed

1 planted Tree earns 3 Credits p.a.

1 Indigenous beneficiary earns 360          credits p.a.

1 Hectare of rain forest has 2'500            trees under conservation

1 Hectare of rain forest absorbs at least 32.5 tons / carbon dioxide per year, validating 32,5 carbon credits

Quick Facts & Figures

Tree forestation & conservation activities are linked to participating beneficiaries, - credited & reflected to their personal BNHE Token. Combined program reforestation & conservation activities are integrated into a 3rd. party audited REDD+  carbon offsetting program, generating VCS carbon credits for sale on licensed offtake markets.

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