Let' s give our Contributors their perfect working tool
Quayambaya APP / Digital Wallet 
A working tool & stand alone Contributor Administration Platform, the Android / iOS APP features information resources, connectivity, 
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Digital Wallet

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  • PIN, biometric log in

  • IBAN / account generator

  • Card administration & top up

  • FX real time conversion

  • P2P transfer between users

  • Spare Change Vault

  • Google & Apple Pay

  • Account statements, analytics

  • BNHE Token Vault

  • BNHE Token Redemption




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  • Productivity Push Notifications

  • Sponsorship LOG / History

  • BNHE Beneficiary LOG 

  • BNHE Credits LOG

  • Sponsorship TASKS

  • GEO Monitoring / Mapping

  • Impact zone situation check

  • Marketing Assignments


Prepaid Card


  • Virtual & Plastic EMV Card

  • NFC Payments

  • Google / Apple Pay

  • Multicurrency

  • Freeze / block card

  • GEO location security

  • Card administration / PIN change / security features

  • Plastic or metal

  • 24 / 7 Support / card blocking

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Online Shopping


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  • Quayambaya fashion, electronics & accessories shop

  • Customized T-shirts printing

  • White label travel portal

  • VIP brands collection

  • Reward points statement

  • Social marketing promotions

  • APP referral program

The Quayambaya APP is being build as customized white label iOS / Android application, integrated with a licensed financial services provider platform. Additional features to the APP will be added, once the initial version has been published. Features may vary between countries due to restrictions.


Qualified as a communications & productivity APP, users will be enabled to promote the APP through social networks & take advantage of an affiliate marketing program.