Biometric onboarded indigenous beneficiaries have an auditable DIGITAL VALUE, based on & matched against international financial standards. 

Indigenous Beneficiaries - Main Players in the Concept

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..make a huge difference...

The wellbeing, action & progress of each biometric onboarded beneficiary is captured & measured in a BNHE Digital Token, - an unique & secure information & values processing tool designed especially for the Quayambaya / BNHE Concept. Establishing an unified & clear accounting / settlement structure, BNHE Credits are implemented as settlement value, facilitating intra purchases, interaction, tasks performance & purchases within the concepts ecosystem.

Download the BNHE Digital Token's data payload specifications sheet & learn to evaluate the differences between the different data values including how they interact through BNHE Credits

270 new Beneficiaries monthly, planting each every month
10 TREES, amounting to 210,600 TREES planted in 1 year, having at least
3,240 BNHE beneficiaries biometric onboarded, with minimum established & certified 
416,600 VCU carbon credits earned,
1,500 children enrolled with basic education, health & nutrition supplement benefits - with base camps  in 
2 Impact Zones in Colombia / Brazil & Peru


1 Tokens / Biometric Onboarding Set

Enables the biometric onboarding of 1 beneficiary with basic nutrition, health & education benefits.


166.50 EUR

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Activity Flow Pack - 10 Credits 

Stimulates & promotes additional reforestation & sustainable micro economic programs in the zone.


35.00 EUR

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Medium Term Strategy, integration with CDM Clean Development Mechanism standards as applicable under UNFCCC, to qualify for CER's Certified Emission Reduction Units / credits for the purpose of its sale & capitalization on several Environmental / Green Finance Exchanges.

The EU - ETS (European Emissions Trading System) evidences an average of 5 - 8 EUR / per CER unit - 1 ton / carbon dioxide offset. 

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1 BNHE TOKEN represents 1 biometric onboarded IndigenousBENEFICIARY for LIFETIME,- reflecting activity & general conditions of same beneficiary, - growing in value with the exchange of activity driven BNHE Credits   against LOYALTY POINTS arising from online transactions of the Token Holders.